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Medico offers both free and paid services. Our call center number is 02-222241866 and it will take regular standard phone call charge by any operators of Bangladesh.

Medico is mainly for personal use. Its services offer individual support for member’s personal healthcare decisions and health data storage.

Medico does not recommend any specific content, services, tests, products, procedures, opinions or other information. We can only help you with storing medical data and to choose doctors and hospitals. A member will make the final decision on the choice of hospitals and doctors.

Membership Terms and Termination

After registration, you can start enjoying the privileges of Medico membership. You may cancel your membership at any time from Medico App. Your membership benefits are not transferable and are for your own personal use only. Medico reserves the right to cancel your membership at any time.

What does Medico do?

We do support your Health Decision

Medico is designed to support most healthcare decisions of its members and help them make choices on health related decisions. These decisions and choices are at the end yours and Medico believes that you are the best decision maker of your health. Decisions you are making, have to be aligned with the advices you receive from a professional doctor of your choice. You have to take your own decision and Medico cannot make decisions for you, we can only guide you towards it

Doctor-Patient Relationship

The use of Medico will not create a doctor-patient relationship; however, it will help doctors to take fast and reliable decisions. Medico contains members limited personal contents only. Everything on Medico, including contents accessed or services provided through us, are for the purposes of your personal information only.


If you want to unsubscribe our services, you can use Medico app. Contact us, if there is any kind of issues with our services through our call center number 02-222241866 or send us an email Medico will not be responsible for anything out of our service list.

Membership Renewal

Membership renewal must be made before the expiration of one’s membership. The renewal fee is the same and payment will be accepted via the same means as before to continue receiving the benefits of the membership program. Members who fail to renew their membership will not be able to access and use the benefits of our premium service.


Subscriber at any point during the month may decide to unsubscribe. We will not return a refund for the features already paid for.

Unsubscribed members, at any point may wish to subscribe back. They will again be charged the same amount for the features that they purchase.

Member's Responsibility

As a member of Medico you have the following responsibilities:

Review and understand the information you receive about your healthcare benefit plan.

Please call ‘Customer Service’ or contact us via email, when you have questions or concerns.

Understand how to obtain services and supplies that are covered under your plan.

Show your membership card, the member ‘E-Card’ or eligibility SMS at panel hospital/diagnostic centers/pharmacies/healthy lifestyle outlets to receive membership benefits.

Provide honest, complete information to the healthcare professionals for your best care.

Know what medicine(s) you take, why and how to take it.

Pay all fees for which you are responsible at the time of service renewal/render or when the payment is due.

Voice your opinions, concerns or complaints to Medico customer service.

Ensure that you update your personal healthcare record in the members’ portal immediately with care and continue to update the changes in your health status.

Members’ Personal Health Record

Good medical records are an indication of good practice and good patient care. Having a comprehensive personal healthcare record is not difficult if every individual takes the responsibility to maintain and update the required information on a regular basis. When it comes to medicine, ‘empowerment’ is the watchword - you must take charge of your own health and your loved ones. Neither one will ever care as much about you as much as you do nor will anyone ever pay as much attention to your medical care and needs, as you will and can. A well-maintained personal healthcare record is your first and most important step to maintain as high a standard of one’s health. Medico is making it as simple as possible by creating this simple menu driven personal healthcare record for its members to update and maintain it. You can do this for yourself and for all your family members. Life gets a lot simpler when you maintain a good practice of regularly updating your healthcare records, especially when you visit a doctor. A member is solely responsible to get his/her medical records from their treating doctor or service provider.

In managing your own healthcare records the following tips as below, would be useful:

Electronically recording all your healthcare information requires a little effort at first, but you’ll be amazed at the difference it makes at every doctor’s appointment and pleased at how easy it gets tracking your health. Once you have keyed in all your health data, each update takes a very short span of time and is well worth it, compared to the frustration of not having a desired medical report when needed.

Get copies of blood and other tests done and update these results in your member’s portal immediately.

Ensure that you take great care in updating your healthcare results to ensure accuracy. If you have doubts or need clarification, seek advice of your family physician or call us at Medico.

Giving your doctor a copy of your medical history, family history, the medications you are currently taking, your allergies, your blood profiles, all these health information organized chronologically. Such organized information will help your doctor, because your doctor will have all the information he needs to make a good informed decision, based on diagnosis and treatment plan for you recorded in your PHR. It would minimize the act mistakes/misjudgments.

Your Account and the use of Medico

Medico needs accurate information to complete the registration. The password and security responsibility for your account is on ly your responsibility. If you face any problem including your password and account related issues, you should notify us about it immediate.

Your Use have to be for legal purpose

Medico will use your personal information in a secured manner. Medico has implemented various encryption and security technologies and some procedures to protect you from unauthorized access. You are completely responsible for the access of your username and password. Medico reserves the right to revoke or deactivate your username and password at any time when there is a violation of code.

Acceptance of these Terms

Generally, these terms and conditions govern the use of this application. Other terms may apply to your use of a specific feature or parts of our application. If there is a conflict between these TOU (Terms of Use) and terms posted for a specific feature(s) or part(s), the latter terms shall apply to your use of that feature(s) or part(s).

Home Sample Collection

If a consumer wishes to reschedule or cancel an appointment for home sample collection, the consumer must do so at least 4 (Four) hours before the scheduled consultation time. In the event of cancellation, the consumer shall be privy to a full refund of the consultation fees, which shall be issued within 10(ten) working days. Medico Bio Limited will provide a suitable time for rescheduling after consulting with the consumer.

Refund Notes for Home pathology Test

  1. Customer will get refund only if partner diagnostic is not available to collect sample at chosen schedule.
  2. Refund will available only before approved and status will be changed automatically.
  3. For emergency situation one responsible person has to access to refund even after approve and change the status as refunded.
  4. If we are unable to provide any service, the refund must be done within 10 working days.

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